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Not even Santa escapes the “Honey-Do” list! This Karen Didion Santa 16” Lighted “Honey-Do” Santa is great for any bar, kitchen, and countertop. Santa is dressed in his traditional cap and trousers, white shirt, and green vest. He is wearing an apron overflowing with tools, toys, and a list of work to be done. With a fully decorated and lit Christmas tree strapped to his back and the tangles of Christmas bulbs wrapped around him, it is easy to understand the overwhelmed expression on his face. The quality is unmatched with this decorative piece’s hand-painted face, glass inset eyes, mohair beard, unique fabric, and detailed accessories. With this collectibles fun design and traditional touch he’s great as a gift or as a collectible item for your own family and he’s sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces.
Lights are cord operated.

Hurry! Only limited quantity available.

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