17" MARQUEE DELUXE CAROUSEL — The Christmas Palace


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Price: $449.00

The fun and festive Marquee Deluxe Carousel is the perfect year-round centerpiece your decor is missing. Intricately detailed and hand-painted animals rise and fall as the Carousel turns. Add an extra level of wonder using the light show settings, lights flash in time with the music using the Multiplex (a dynamic light show), or Unison (all lights blinking) settings or leave the lights on steady. With over 100 LED lights on the canopy, columns, and base, this AC adapter operated Carousel plays 40 different songs, 20 Christmas carols, and 20 all-time favorites. Volume control allows you to enjoy with or without music. Featuring a brown base adorned with gold filigree detail and multi-colored marquee lights, the Marquee Deluxe Carousel brings the joy of the Carnival to your home.

Oversized animated carousel
Three light show settings - Multiplex, Unison and Steady On
Plays 20 Christmas carols and 20 all-time favorites
Animals move up and down as the carousel turns
Intricate hand painted details
Over 100 LED lights
Volume control
UL listed 9VDC 1200mA adapter included
17" Tall

Style: Animated


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