18" TUSCAN KITCHEN SANTA — The Christmas Palace


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The 18” Tuscan Kitchen Santa by Karen Didion is great for any kitchen and countertop. The quality is unmatched with this decorative piece’s hand-painted face, glass inset eyes, mohair beard, unique fabric, and detailed accessories. He is dressesd in a deep red and gold brocade shirt with coordinating woven ribbon trim and ornate buttons paired with green velvet trousers. This Santa is appropriately accessorized with an an embroidered apron and chef's hat, both trimmed in a matching woven ribbon. In one hand he holds a basket filled with wine, cheese, and fruit. In his other hand he is holding a recipe board, wooden spoon, and whisk. This classic Tuscan piece is sure to add character and style to any home.

Height: 18"

Color: Green

Style: Santa

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