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What a sweet treat this gingerbread candy confection lady is! Pink and sassy, but always classy this Candy Land Diva is sure to have your sweet tooth hankering to take a delicious bite. She isn't edible, but she is a feast for the eyes, with her fashionable taste in sprinkles and lace. She's girly girl to the maximum. Her highly decorated hat matches her waffle cone looking embelished skirt. Opulant and grand, with decorated petit four cakes in hand, she will deliver at Christmas, or any other scrumptious festive day. Her pink, green and white peppermint base has her standing grand from the tips of her exquisitely designed shoes to the top of her ladylike hat, she's the fairest in the land. With ribbons and lace she is the epitome of style and grace. Dressed like a sugary sweet Mary Antoinette fantasy doll, this pink haired diva might just make them eat cake.

32" Pink Sweet Christmas Doll
Katherine's Collection

Collection: Katherine's Collection

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