6" HOLY FAMILY SCENE — The Christmas Palace


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Let the warmth, peace and meaning of Christmas come to life with Euromarchi. This collectible series has everything you need to create your own Nativity display. The Nativity is a beloved tradition. This stable is perfect for the story behind the real meaning of Christmas. Designed in an Italian style with terra-cotta faux stone and wood accents that give it an authentic look. Place the Nativity under your tree or with holiday decor to bring the story to life!

Euromarchi makes fine hand made Italian figures, nativities, and manger accessories. Well crafted, authentic nativity accesories bring a warm authentic feel to your mangers and nativity scenes. Life like figures and historical looking structures help you recreate the look of historical Bethlehem. With an old world feel, these miniatures will evoke days of yore from the times of Jesus. Whether 'old' or 'new' they are a 'testament' to the days of Christ. Wonderfully detailed, with excellent workmanship, build a whole town around the Holy Family and assemble a village of biblical proportions!

Holy Family Scene
Measures 6"

Style: Nativity


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