AV ALPINE COWBELL FORGE — The Christmas Palace


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Essentially, the purpose of the cow bell is to assist the rancher or herder in locating the cows while they are out grazing. Traditions include everything from the spring parade - when, after the snowmelt, cows filled the village streets with the sound of ringing bells while leaving to graze the high mountain pastures - to letting the best milking cows where the largest bells, a sign of honor. Today, new traditions have formed as we hear the bells rung by fans to encourage athletes in some of the largest international sporting events.
Introduced January 2020
Electrical: Standard cord and bulb
Replacement Bulb: 56.99244, Standard light bulb
Replacement Cord: 56.99028, Standard light cord
Dims: 6.5” in H x 4.5” in W x 6.75” in L

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