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Department 56 is proud to celebrate over 40 years of Village design with careful attention to historical accuracy, architectural details and realism in each piece they introduce.
Open the door to Victorian England which at the time of Charles Dickens was the center of culture for the world and where many traditions we celebrate today took shape. The architecture, customs and history of Victorian England are inherent in the Dickens' Village Series. These distinguished and quaint buildings and accessories are an inspiration to all who make them part of their holiday traditions.
With this accessory piece, a porter helps a couple with what seems to be enough luggage for a trip around the world.

The perfect addition to Fullarton Station! Sold seperatly.
Also look for The Emerald Express Train to complete your display! Sold seperatly.

Introduced January 2019
Village Figures
2.5 in H

Collection: Retired

Village: Dickens Village

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