HV CELIAS CELLAR — The Christmas Palace


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In Witch Hallow, Celia runs the wine cellar, with the expertise that only an older witch can. Through the double-dutch door is not only her home, but the place of much fine wine tasting late into the autumn nights. Friends join, and new stories are added to their shared history. Outside, vines are tended, bottles are stored, and barrels lay aging on the cool ground ‘neigh the witch hat roof overhangs. Drink up, Witches!
Introduced January 2020.
Electrical: Standard cord and bulb
Replacement Bulb: 56.99244, Standard light bulb
Replacement Cord: 4035315, Standard light cord, black
Dims: 6.75” in H x 4.5” in W x 6.5” in L

Collection: New for 2020

Village: Snow Village Halloween


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