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The Mark Roberts brand symbolizes the best quality and the most elegantly designed products in the Gift and Home Decor industry. These heirloom quality collectibles will be enjoyed for many seasons, to be passed down from generation to generation. From fairies, to Santas, to nutcrackers, you will love the attention to detail in every piece!
Mrs. Claus is a grand lady in a long gorgeous holiday gown and festive Christmas cape, from a romantic time period of days gone by. Holding a decorated holly wreath, and wearing a regally coiffed hairstyle like Mary Antoinette, she bids you salutations and happy merriment for the holiday season, in this enchanting piece. All decked out in a glamorous festive outfit that isn't your typical red and white Mrs. Santa dress, Mrs. Claus is bringing the royal charm! Her magical gown is mostly in multiple shades of elegant green, with some red trim. Wearing richly elegant, festive finery, with a long flowing red cape trimmed in white fur, and the regal bearing of a mature monarch, she looks like the queen of Christmas. Inspiring Christmas mirth and good cheer, with her rich and commanding 'presence,' this Mrs. Claus is a magical enchantress!

23" Bejeweled Mrs. Claus

Collection: Santas

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