NP MRS CLAUS'S SHE SHED — The Christmas Palace


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Mrs. Claus is on the bandwagon with the ‘she shed craze’. The elves build her a sweet little cottage behind the palace. A great place to escape, she can work on her favorite crafts including knitting, painting, arranging flowers, and hand crafting ornaments.
Includes: “Artfully Relaxing" accessory, snow and sisal tree.
Mrs. Claus hand paints some of the most beautiful ornaments in the world
Electrical: Standard cord and bulb
Replacement Bulb: 56.99244, Standard light bulb
Replacement Cord: 56.99028, Standard light cord
Dims: 5.5” in H x 4.5” in W x 5.25” in L

Collection: New for 2020

Village: North Pole

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