29'' WHIMSICAL GREEN JESTER SANTA — The Christmas Palace


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A jolly fellow! This gorgeous 29" Santa combines luxury with whimsy. This Santa doesn't wear the classic red and white suit! He is elegantly dressed in classic Christmas colors of red, green, and gold, but with several different fabrics in rich patterns and textures, giving him a fun whimsical look. His jacket features puffed sleeves in a lime green and red dot pattern with red trim and is paired with red trousers. Under his jacket is a metallic gold shirt with black and white checkered trim. Keeping with tradition, he is wearing his red cap in a shimmering red fabric that perfectly matches his pants, adorned with glittery pine and holly sprigs. On his feet he wears lime green elfin shoes with faux fur trim, and pine and holly sprig accents topped off with metallic gold ruffles and black and white checkered trim. His sweet face and fluffy beard only add to his charm. Sit him on a chair, sofa, or lay him on a bed to add a touch of cheer to your home this holiday season!

Height: 30"

Color: Green

Style: Santa

Hurry! Only limited quantity available.

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