XC THE SAVOY BALLROOM — The Christmas Palace


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Located on Lenox Ave, the main thoroughfare through the Bronx, The Savoy Ballroom, opened in 1926 was considered the heart of this New York community. Hosting the best bands of the time, the newest dances were conceived here, from the Lindy Hop and the Jive to the Mambo and variations of the Charleston. Non-discrimination fostered the creation of sounds from Big Band, Jazz, and the Blues. The “Home of the Happy Feet” will be forever remember for its hot sounds and hot move.
Introduced Janaury 2020.
Electrical: Adapter cord included
Replacement Bulb: None
Replacement Cord: 4.5 V, .4a, with M/F plug. White
Dims: 7.25” in H x 7.5” in W x 8.25” in L

Collection: New for 2020

Village: Christmas in the City


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